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Just as we all have in life many businesses go through their share of hurdles as well. As in our personal lives how you deal with those hurdles has a lot to do with attitude and mental strength, but that’s not all it really involves is it? We typically hit those obstacles because of events outside of our control, but what if getting over the hurdles didn’t have to be so difficult? What if we could be prepared for the struggles?
Let’s discuss a few of the common hurdles and how you can alleviate the pain or stress….

With the Biggest Challenge Can Come the Biggest Leap

it’s clear that you can’t continue doing things as you always have if you not only want to keep going, but you want to thrive.  Change is imminent – not just now, but always!

It’s the action that creates the leaps!

In fact, most business owners (and people in general) that I know have made their greatest leaps when someone tells them “they can’t” or “that will never work”.  Why do you suppose that is?

Are You Looking For That Magic Solution?

It’s very frequent for someone to look for that one diet to help them lose weight or the best cream to get rid of those wrinkles, but when you think about it there’s usually more than one thing which needs to be done to accomplish your goal. You need to find a balance of options to truly make things work, right? More often than not, e.g. to lose weight you not only need a diet, but exercise.

The same is true with your business.

Many people are searching for that shiny penny.