Strategic Consulting & Mentoring Services to Grow and Scale Your Company so it supports the life and purpose the business owner and entrepreneur dreams of…on their terms

Peggy Niles’ passion is to help overwhelmed, ambitious business owners live their dream lifestyles while using their business to make their mark or impact on the world.  She is the Performance & Profit℠ Strategist, as well as business owner of Quantum Scaling℠. 

Peggy has worked with Hyatt Corporation, Alberto-Culver International, Ernst & Young and other large corporations; advised on mergers & acquisitions for companies ranging in 6-9 figures; and worked with small-business owners to scale their companies profitably.  Like most of her clients, her story started with trying to gain flexibility and freedom without choosing between a career and enjoying life.   After 17 years in the corporate and public accounting world, Peggy figured out how to lead a team and get things done profitably in half the time while taking Fridays off, even in a virtual environment.

She now uses her Profitable Exit Framework℠ with business leaders to challenge the status quo and avoid doing things the same way because that’s how it’s always been done. Leveraging numbers, processes and on-point actionable strategies these owners live life on their terms as they grow, scale their companies and position themselves for a profitable exit. 

Working with Peggy allows leaders to have control over their business without being intimately involved with every aspect.  They learn to make their own choices with predictability instead of reacting to the issues of the day.  They become leaders running a business instead of employees of a company they own.   

Her favorite motto: “challenge the status quo and avoid doing things the same way because that’s how it’s always been done”.

Did we mention Peggy is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) so she always keeps an eye on the effect strategies have on the business’ bottom line