Strategic Consulting & Mentoring Services to Grow and Scale Your Company so it supports the life and purpose the business owner and entrepreneur dreams of…on their terms

Our Mission...

Our mission is to empower and help service-based business owners build resilient, sustainable companies with high performance and profits, so they can live life on their terms.

But we know performance and profits should be just part of the results; we want them to enjoy the journey from growth to scale to exit while making the impact they want in the world.  We strongly believe the best way to do this is through strategic planning, guided implementation and coaching with accountability and focus on their specific goals.

Our Owner...

Peggy Niles’ passion is to help overwhelmed business owners live their dream lifestyles while using their business to make their mark or impact on the world.  She is the Performance & Profit Strategist, as well as business owner of Quantum Scaling℠.  Peggy has worked with Hyatt Corporation, Alberto-Culver International, Ernst & Young and other large corporations; advised on mergers & acquisitions for companies ranging in 6-9 figures; and worked with small-business owners to scale their companies profitably.

Peggy is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) so she always keeps an eye on the effect strategies have on the business' bottom line.

Like most of her clients, her story started with trying to gain flexibility and freedom without choosing between a career and enjoying life.   During her 17 years in the corporate and public accounting world, Peggy figured out how to lead a team and get things done in half the time while taking Fridays off, even in a virtual environment (before working virtual was a thing).  

She now uses her Profitable Exit Framework℠ with business leaders to challenge the status quo and avoid doing things the same way because that’s how it’s always been done. Leveraging numbers, people and processes with on-point actionable strategies these owners live life on their terms as they grow, scale their companies and position themselves for a profitable exit.  

Working with Peggy allows leaders to have control over their business without being intimately involved with every aspect.  They learn to make their own choices with predictability instead of reacting to the issues of the day.  They become leaders running a business instead of employees of a company they own.

My Personal Note to You...

I always felt so peaceful when I took a trip near the ocean, where I could sit back on the clean, soft sand and look up to the blue skies with the light breeze giving the brief cool-downs.  Aside from the beauty of it all, what I really loved was the vast amount of opportunities I imagined when I looked out to the horizon - the point where the ocean connects with the sky.  (Kind of like the opportunities available to business owners if they're willing to take the chance.)

In fact, it was on a beach when I decided to start my own business - after 17+ years of climbing the corporate ladder.

What I learned along the way was advancing professionally and growing your business is hard work, but that doesn't mean it has to be a 24/7 365-day a year thing.  For most of my working life I've taken Fridays off (and some years the entire month of December), even when managing teams.  I may have dealt with a lot of friction, but when I decided on something I wanted to achieve I would figure out what I needed to get there and then I'd make it happen!

Let me ask you, did you ever hear that phrase "action takers are money makers"?  (One of my mentors says that a lot.)  It's true, but it goes beyond that; it's also about the relationships and journey along the way.

You see I grew up, and started my career in a field, with what used to be described as "workaholics".  It always appeared there was this fine line between ambition and addiction to their work.  I would watch employees within the corporate and public accounting world up and down the ladder doing the same thing, the same way....just because that's how it's always been done.  I get that, to a degree.  It's a good way to learn...until it isn't.

But let's talk about business owners and entrepreneurs like ourselves.  As I watched and worked with them, I could see they were working hard, putting in endless hours, trying to figure out what to work on first, managing difficult employees - in some situations declining profits.  

They had to be in 100 places at once, and the worst part about it was they felt like they were the only people who could really manage it all because it was all on their shoulders; the expertise lied with them.  Afterall, the buck stops with the owner, right?

It was evident they had successful businesses, but no matter how hard they worked they still were not where they really wanted to be with their company, and in the meantime they were missing out on life or messing with their health.  

I'll be honest, there was no way I was going to choose between my family and my career.  I just didn't see the point in working so hard and so much that you couldn't enjoy the rewards of that hard work, but I still wanted to make an impact in helping others achieve their dreams.

Sooooo...I started asking the question "What If"?  The ultimate answer was "Challenge the Status Quo"!

First, let me just say please STOP listening to those that say it's easy or you can make 7-figures in a day; please don't be distracted by those shiny objects put in front of you every day on social; and please don't fall for Work Smarter Not Harder.  

You know it's hard work building a sustainable company; you've been at it for years!!!!!!

I like to say work smarter AND hard WHEN you're working, but that doesn't mean work 24/7 - 365 days a week!

(Some like to call this work/life balance; I like to call it the short-term/long-term balance.  Play the short-term game with the long-term impact.)

The simple answer is it's all about leveraging your resources and implementing on-point actionable strategies that fit you and your business model.  Focusing on these leverage points, you can develop a systematic plan and just like a little tiny lever point can move an entire object (kind of like a fulcrum can move an entire see-saw), these leverage points become catalysts to your entire business.

The difficulty is in the how AND the what to do when...and, well let's face it in finding the time!

The investment in yourself and your business is worth it and I'd like to make growing and scaling your company easier on you.  Let's see how we can take the pressure off your shoulders and implement our process as part of your normal routine, as well as your team's.

And finally, I hope you see now, enjoying life is just as important to me as helping my clients achieve their dreams; I get to know my clients and try to understand what makes them tick.  Just as when I had my accounting business years ago, I feel it's important that both you and I feel like we're the right fit for one another.

That being said... you mind if I share some Fun Facts about me?

I enjoy spending time with my husband and 2 sons...especially listening to live music or playing golf (regular and miniature)

I love trying new things - one vacation I took the polar plunge (very exhilarating if you've never done it)  

I'm always up for a challenge - back to doing the hula-hoop after way too many years

I'm a former hockey and baseball mom (those days went so fast, but I was able to make every game and most  practices thanks to how I set up my business model)

There's never a day I don't get some walks in with my shichon (1/2 shitzu - 1/2 bichon) - named after a former hockey player

The best thing of all...a little over a year ago my family moved to Florida (a long-time dream) and I'm still able to continue my business.

We would love the opportunity to help you transform your company from the everyday "grind" to your "what-if" vision just as we want you to stay on track and keep more of the hard earned money you deserve, but even if you decide not to work with us, we wish you continued success!

Here's to flexibility and freedom,